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Water Conservation Case Study
Overview Water rates have been rising consistently throughout the United States. In New York City, for example, over the past 3 years rates have increased over $1.00 per hundred cubic
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Funding HDFC’s in Distress
HDFC CO-OPS AND FORECLOSURES: RESOLUTION AND RESORATION? EXPERTS WAY IN ON WHAT COULD BE DONE At the heart of the crisis currently affecting affordable housing in New York City are
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Funding Capital Projects
You work hard and try to put money away to be used for a rainy day —hoping of course that ‘rainy day’ is a long-awaited trip to somewhere fabulous and
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Financial Record Keeping
Whether your community is a co-op, condo, or HOA, proper record-keeping is the difference between a healthy property and one headed toward peril. And while meeting minutes and election results
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